A visionary designer

After graduating from Marie-Victorin’s fashion school in 2011, Naomie Caron was drawn to travelling the world.  Enriching her design style with the inspiration that all the different cultures have to offer, she especially fell in love with the Asian culture by its traditions, colours and philosophy. Back in Montreal, she was ready to push her knowledge into the different spheres of the fashion industry. She started of with a custom made brand called Nam Nam design, where she explored streetwear, evening wear, menswear and swimsuits specificities. In 2013, in continual pursuit of excellence, she gained experience as a costume designer in Quebec, Canadian and American film industry.

It is finally in the summer of 2017 that she creates SELFISH swimwear, her first swimsuits line. She chose to name them selfish because they are made to flatter every woman’s uniqueness by empowering all the different shape of women. “Don’t think about what other may think or say about you, feel good and confident of your perfect imperfections, therefore be SELFISH.”