Nylon is not a fibre that breaks down with time. So how do we make this product sustainable?

Longevity of the product

By using high quality fabric and hardware, we bring a product that will last many years, if it is well taken care of. Disrupting the fast consumption chain of fast fashion product, we limit garment waste.

Fabric made of recycled fibres

The high end recycled fabrics we use is made of ECONYL® yarn. A 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff (the top part of Nylon carpets which have got to the end of their useful life), tulle etc.: all such materials, once they have reached the end of their useful life, instead of being disposed of in the landfill, are recovered and regenerated.

Thus, the fishing nets recovered, together with some other materials ( carpet fluff, tulle etc. ) are delivered to Aquafil SpA regeneration plant where, thanks to a sophisticated and complex chemical-physical process, the above mentioned materials are turned into ECONYL®, a new polyamide yarn boasting the same features as virgin nylon in terms of performance and quality, but with the plus of not having been produced with the use of non renewable fossil raw materials. ECONYL® Regeneration System!

Furthermore, we are really proud to collaborate with this company that has as their main commitment the preserving of nature, a new challenge they have enthusiastically embraced and which they intend to win by applying a structured ethical code which can be summarized as follows:

1. Optimizing production processes by introducing cutting-edge technologies to monitor and reduce waste and polluting residuals.

2. Certifying, by means of clear data, the environmental results achieved.

3.  Showing a real interest in research and in the use of new sustainable raw materials, such as recycled yarns.

4. Supporting important international projects aimed at safeguarding our environment.

5. Contributing to the social and financial development of local communities.

6. Spreading awareness among our employees and customers so that they can be more respectful of the environment.

High quality hardware

We use hooks, sliders and rings made of an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper that won't rust under the effect of chlorine and salted water. All plated gold 22 carats.

Locally made
Where is it made?

As we want to ensure the quality of our product and the respect of our workforce, we make each piece, from the design to the last stitch, in our Atelier, based in Montreal, Canada.

Fabric choice
Which fabric is the best? Nylon or polyester?
Is Selfish swimwear chlorine resistant?

Yes! Actually the quality of fabric we use is ultra chlorine resistant and has a great resistance to sun creams, oils and perspiration.

Is Selfish swimwear offering UV protection?

Yes! Our swimsuits offer UV protection and has excellent coverage on top of being fully lined front and back.

How is the sizing compared to other brands?

As a designer brand, we do have a smaller fit than commercial brands. Please refer to the size chart linked to the product or contact us for guidance.

Do you make plus sizes?

Because we are still a small company with a small inventory, we don't carry a wide set of sizes yet. We now offer few models in XXL. However, because we make all swimsuits ourselves, we can provide a made-to-measure service for a small fee. Contact us to have more information.

Can I try the bathing suits before buying?

Yes of course! You can book a private fitting at our studio or virtually from the comfort of your home, here. You can also find the closest store here.

How do I measure myself?

How do I take care of my swimsuit?

Given the quality of the materials used for your SELFISH swimsuit, it is strongly recommended to wash it by hand with a mild soap. Never bleach or put your swimsuit in the dryer, dry flat in the shade, away from the sunlight which will damage the nylon fibres over time.

It is important to thoroughly rinse the swimsuit after use to remove excess chlorine, sunscreen and perspiration that accelerate deterioration and decrease the elasticity of the material.

Be careful of rough surfaces that often surround swimming pools, they pull the fibres that cannot be mended.

Never leave a wet swimsuit in a bag for too long: moisture can quickly create mould and damage the fibres.

Your SELFISH swimsuit will last for years if you maintain and love it as you love yourself.

Fragility of the mesh fabric

Keep in mind that mesh is a fragile material. Exposure to high temperatures, such as at the spa, can cause a loss of dye residue, just like a pair of new jeans. Be cautious when it comes to certain activities.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! As quality is one of our first preoccupations, and because your swimsuit is handmade locally, small defects may occur. Therefore, we offer a one year warranty on all the stitches after your date of purchase. The warranty relates only to the stitches and not the tearing of fabric due to extreme activities. Send us an email at info@selfishswimwear.com regarding the defect and we will detail the following steps to fulfill. This service is provided only with proof of purchase.

Repair service

We would like you to continue wearing your SELFISH swimsuit for many years and that's why we provide a first-year warranty on all the stitches. Beyond this period, if you think your bathing suit needs a little refreshing or you have been putting it to extreme duty and, of course, depending on the level of damage to your bathing suit, we could certainly repair it for you. Send us an email at info@selfishswimwear.com with your repair needs, and we will get back to you with a diagnosis and fees.