Given the quality of the materials used for your SELFISH swimsuit, it is strongly recommended to wash it by hand with a mild soap. Never bleach or put your swimsuit in the dryer, dry flat in the shade, away from the sunlight which will damage the nylon fibres over time.

 It is important to thoroughly rinse the swimsuit after use to remove excess chlorine, sunscreen and perspiration that accelerate deterioration and decrease the elasticity of the material.

Be careful of rough surfaces that often surround swimming pools, they pull the fibres that cannot be mended.

 Never leave a wet swimsuit in a bag for too long: moisture can quickly create mould and damage the fibres.

 Keep in mind that mesh is a fragile material. Exposure to high temperatures, such as at the spa, can cause a loss of dye residue, just like a pair of new jeans. Be cautious when it comes to certain activities.

 Your SELFISH swimsuit will last for years if you maintain and love it as you love yourself.



As quality is one of our first preoccupations, and because your swimsuit is handmade locally, small defects may occur. Therefore, we offer a one year warranty on all the stitches after your date of purchase. The warranty relates only to the stitches and not the tearing of fabric due to extreme activities.

 Send us an email at regarding the defect and we will detail the following steps to fulfil. This service is provided only with proof of purchase.


Repair service

We would like you to continue wearing your SELFISH swimsuit for many years and that's why we provide a first-year warranty on all the stitches. Beyond this period, if you think your bathing suit needs a little refreshing or you have been putting it to extreme duty and, of course, depending on the level of damage to your bathing suit, we could certainly repair it for you.

 Send us an email at with your repair needs, and we will get back to you with a diagnosis and fees.