The high end recycled fabrics we use is made of ECONYL® yarn. A 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff (the top part of Nylon carpets which have got to the end of their useful life), tulle etc.: all such materials, once they have reached the end of their useful life, instead of being disposed of in the landfill, are recovered and regenerated.

Thus, the fishing nets recovered, together with some other materials ( carpet fluff, tulle etc. ) are delivered to Aquafil SpA regeneration plant where, thanks to a sophisticated and complex chemical-physical process, the above mentioned materials are turned into ECONYL®, a new polyamide yarn boasting the same features as virgin nylon in terms of performance and quality, but with the plus of not having been produced with the use of non renewable fossil raw materials. ECONYL® Regeneration System!

Furthermore, we are really proud to collaborate with this company that has as their main commitment the preserving of nature, a new challenge they have enthusiastically embraced and which they intend to win by applying a structured ethical code which can be summarized as follows:

1. Optimizing production processes by introducing cutting-edge technologies to monitor and reduce waste and polluting residuals.

2. Certifying, by means of clear data, the environmental results achieved.

3.  Showing a real interest in research and in the use of new sustainable raw materials, such as recycled yarns.

4. Supporting important international projects aimed at safeguarding our environment.

5. Contributing to the social and financial development of local communities.

6. Spreading awareness among our employees and customers so that they can be more respectful of the environment.