What does it mean to be Selfish?

What does it mean to be Selfish?
Naomie Caron

At SELFISH Swimwear we aim to do more than just create ethical and sustainable swimwear, we work to cultivate a community too!

The word ‘selfish’ is often used to describe people who lack a consideration of others but instead, we have reframed our definition of the word to mean being true to yourself. Being true to yourself is easier said than done when speaking your mind can often be seen as confrontational and argumentative. While we at SELFISH Swimwear understand that being vocal may not always be easy, we encourage all of you to recognize your feelings are valid, even if it’s not validated by others.

Being selfish can also mean prioritizing self-care. While social media may portray self-care as lush bubble baths, face masks and unwinding with a glass of wine, self-care may also not be as glamorous or Instagram-worthy. Sometimes self-care is saying no to plans, taking a break from social media, cleaning up your workspace or calling an old friend to catch up. Whatever self care looks like for you, SELFISH Swimwear says be selfish!

While compassion for others is something we feel strongly about as an ethical and sustainable brand, SELFISH Swimwear recognizes that we need to include ourselves in that equation and that we can’t help support others if we ourselves are in need of support. Before rushing to the aid of others, it’s perfectly healthy and the good kind of selfish to ask yourself if you have the capacity to be there for others. When it comes to caring for others, we have to take care of ourselves first. Being selfish is critical and setting boundaries helps maintain your health!

Acting selfishly can help you learn to prioritize quality over quantity. Prior to the pandemic it might have been normal to have FOMO (the fear of missing out) and say yes to every invitation that was thrown your way. Now more than ever, we’ve learned to put ourselves first and gained the confidence and ability to say no. Our relationships with others is stronger because it’s not about how many relationships we have but rather strengthening the ones we care about.

Here are some ways (small and big) we love to be selfish:

  • Taking time to prepare your favourite meal.
  • Recognize Zoom call fatigue and saying no (or limiting) screen time.
  • Making time to go to therapy!
  • Reorganizing our space.
  • Setting boundaries with our loved ones.
  • Watch a guilty pleasure show (did anyone else watch The Circle?)


 Whether it’s in a small or major way, you deserve to be selfish!