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A visionary designer

With a degree in fashion design obtained in 2011, Naomie Caron traveled to Asia, where she discovered a deep affinity for the culture, a predilection for the colors and the ancient mores of this rich continent. Back in Montreal, she aspires to share this enrichment with her designs. She launches a brand of custom creations, Nam Nam design, where she explores the ready-to-wear clothing, evening wear, men's fashion and swimsuits specificities. In 2013, in continual pursuit of excellence, she gained experience as a costume designer in Quebec, Canadian and American film industry.

It is finally in the summer of 2017 that she creates SELFISH swimwear, her first swimsuits line. She chose to name them selfish because they are designed with every woman's comfort, esteem and pleasure in mind.

Naomie Caron is a designer who creates shapes and models that value different body types in order to increase women's self-esteem during their aquatic activities that often trigger timidity and discomfort due to the critical looks of strangers. She uses asymmetrical lines to emphasize the uniqueness of each woman. SELFISH Swimwear is a designing house specializing in the design and manufacture of comfortable and stylish swimsuits.