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The Rafaelle swimsuit top is mainly designed for physical activity. Thanks to a support distributed between neck and shoulders, the Rafaelle top easily supports big breasts given the elastic band under the chest and the adjustment allowed by the straps.


For this model, it's important to measure your under-chest circumference.




The Sandra top is a very comfortable swimsuit for movement. It provides a little less support than the Rafaelle top, but covers a large area of the chest to allow you to perform a wide range of motions.


Since there is adjustment possibilities under the chest, it is important to choose the size according to the width of your breasts. A big and narrow breast as an A or B cup can fit in the Small size. However, if you have a wider breast as a C or D cup, we recommend to go with larger sizes to totally cover the breast on the sides.


 It is also important to measure your under-chest circumference.




The Penelope bra provides an excellent support, even for the bigger breasts thanks to the elastic band inserted into the straps. It comes with removable foam cups.

You must measure your under-chest circumference.




The Erica swimsuit bottom is a sporty panty with a more revealing look. The cut is called "half-moon" because it shows half of the butt cheeks. Fits all sizes.


Measure your lower hips circumference to go for the perfect size.




The Florence high waist design is based on the same cut as Erica, revealing half of the butt cheeks, this model rises slightly higher than the navel, providing support to the waist. It is important to measure your lower hip size since the hips go through the swimsuit's waist when putting it on.




The Viktoria panty is adjustable on both sides. Ideal for the smaller butts, the circumference that should be measured is the lower hips.




This one piece is the perfect mix of modesty and exposure. The indented hips elongate the legs and the lower back reflects sensuality and elegance. The straps are adjustable.


It is important to know the length of your torso by measuring from one shoulder to the back of it going in between the legs.


Are you unsure about the size that you should choose?
Or, don't you know which model would be best fitted for your activity?
Send us your measurements as explained in the size chart, with a photo if necessary and we will advise you as best we can.